Sew Quick specialises in all types of garment repairs.


ZIPS: Sew Quick replace all types of zips in pants, skirts, dresses, jackets and a host of other items. Sew Quick supply the replacement zip and use the best quality available. Most zips are available from stock but finding the right zip to replace one in an imported garment can be a challenge. We pride ourselves in our ability to do so most of the time.

MENDING: Over the years we have seen most types of mending jobs. From the cigarette burn in the best friendís dress that was borrowed at the weekend; to the teddy bear that was losing his stuffing; to the husband's wardrobe after his irate wife had taken to it with a pair of scissors! We can do all manner of mends and patching but often a little imagination can do an even better job of fixing the problem. Sew Quick will be pleased to advise you on what can be done with your garment.